It is very difficult to find the following characteristics these days: exceptional customer service, highest levels of quality and honoring one\'s commitments. Custom Quality Builders, and in particular Mitch Taylor, exemplifies these characteristics and so much more.

After spending 20 years in the Jacksonville area experiencing nothing but disappointment, we finally found someone that we have absolute trust in and delivers nothing but superior outcomes. For our first project with Mitch, we hired him to replace our sliding glass doors with french doors leading out to our lanai and pool area. He asked all of the right questions - which way did we want the doors to open, what type of glass, what type of hardware, etc, ensuring that he gave us exactly what we wanted. He told us he would have them in on a particular day and he honored that commitment to us. The doors were absolutely beautiful and perfectly installed. Next we hired Mitch to completely redo our master bathroom, update the other 4 bathrooms and install wood flooring in our office. Once again, he asked questions along the way, confirming what we wanted and where we wanted certain items installed like the faucet for our claw tub. He told us a date he would have the project completed and he was completed by that date.

We were absolutely thrilled with the outcome, it was amazing! We are so satisfied and confident in Mitch that we have hired him for a third time to renovate our kitchen!!

Mitch, words cannot express our appreciation. Thank you just doesn\'t seem to be enough to truly express how happy we are we found you and your company!!!

Connie Pilot

If you do not have any interest in having your construction job completed by professionals, be finished on time, and be exactly what you want, then do not hire Mitch.

However, if you want your job done perfectly, on time, and have a contractor who takes the time to listen to you and do what you want, this is the company for you. Mitch was excellent and quickly addressed all issues and requests. We have referred him to multiple friends.

Eugene B. Nichols, Esq.

Mitch is easy to work with. He listens to what you want done and does it.

If he sees a job where he can save you money and achieve the same results. He will discuss it with you, and do what you want.

I have recommended him to friends and family.

Chris Jakob

My wife and I recently had our kitchen completely remodeled and we were thoroughly pleased with the job done by Custom Quality Builders. This was no small job either! We had walls removed, windows installed, new flooring, new paint, custom island built, new countertops and more.

Custom Quality Builders sets the new standard for excellence when it comes to service and craftsmanship. Mitch really will go out of his way to ensure that you get exactly what you want for your house even if that means working late or last minute changes. He does all this with a smile on his face and a great attitude to boot! I honestly couldn't say much more about Mitch besides that his momma raised him right. He's a gentleman and a hard worker and if you need a contractor then he's your man.

Neal Cosmo

This will be sort of "long in the tooth", but certainly needs to be said about Custom Quality Builder's, Mitch Taylor, Alan Taylor Roofing, Mr. Alan Taylor, and the lovely Mrs. Taylor, in the office. My wife and I took a major hit from Hurricane Mathew, in Orange Park, Fl, at our home, on or about 8 October 16. We were on an Amtrak train from Chicago to Seattle, when our neighbor called to inform us that an Oak tree in the back yard had had fallen over, went thru our Florida room ceiling and kept right on going thru the main house roof, 4 truss' and collapsing the ceiling in a bedroom. That was on a Friday. Talk about feeling helpless! We were in the middle of Somewhere, North Dakota and not due to arrive in Seattle until the next morning. We completed all the insurance calls and claims over the cell phone and figured well, nothing we can do but enjoy the rest of this trip. Meanwhile, we arrived in Seattle, got to the hotel, and sat down for a strategy session.

Now, I'm a pretty hyper guy and being a retired Naval enlisted Air Crewman, I like to have a plan. My mind kept telling me, "Well when you get home, you're gonna have to let your fingers do the walking thru the Yellow Papers and get some contractors lined up" I was dreading this as I missed the "construction gene" in my family and everyone knows there are lots of "less than above board contractors out there. Then it was like I was hit with a bolt of lightening of knowledge. I told my wife Valerie, "Hey, I'm a genius.I just figured out who's fixing the whole house". I told her it was gonna be Mr. Taylor on the roof and Mitch's company for the house. Val said "A ha! Two for one, huh?" Absolutely! I still had Mr. Taylor's roofing company on my phone from when they put on a new roof at my home 8 years ago! That crew was impressive. Dumpster delivered on-time, crew here before sun up, getting their stuff on, and ladders went up against the side of the house at dawn. Boom, done in a day. Very professional and hard working, quiet. Didn't sound like there was a dance party going on up there with lot's of yelling. Everybody working, nobody standing around on cell phones. So. we had our laptop with us and I think I just wrote the company an e-mail and told them what was going on and that I was gonna need a lot of help. Ole Mitch, in his professional, easy going manner said not to worry, I was in his construction Que, which I knew was good with all the damage in the Jax Metro area, and not to worry, they'd take care of us. Now, I gotta tell all of you, at this point, I felt about 2000 lbs of weight was lifted off my shoulders. I reassured Val we were good to go and that our biggest challenge would be to remain calm and sane with all the ensuing construction that was in the future. Insurance adjusters came, insurance checks came and then one Friday it started. We had 4 roof truss' destroyed. Mr Alan Taylor and his combat action roof repair team showed up early, as is the Taylor family custom, and hit it, and poof, those guys had everything repaired in a day! Awesome, miracle workers!

So, in less than a week the house was closed back off from the elements. Tree off the whole house, severely damage roof repaired.

So now comes Mitch Taylor for the rebuild of pretty much 60% of the interior of our home. What a wonderful man. I'm not real big on working with others but I gotta tell you folks, Mitch is just a pleasure to work with. Here's what we had done for repairs..3rd bedroom-new ceiling, knock-down ceiling, paint, wood trim, hall-new paint and knock-down ceiling, living room and kitchen-new ceilings/knock-down and fresh paint. Here's what we added-tile in 3rd bedroom, kitchen, house bathroom, new knock-down ceilings in 2nd bed room, main bathroom, and master bathroom, and nearly 600 sq ft of tile in our Florida room, PLUS, they rebuilt our damage deck yesterday.

Mitch is a super guy. His sub contractors are all wonderful. All hard working. I'm sure he screens them. They all have a great work ethic. Not one, not one complaint about this entire event that Valerie and I just experienced. Mitch said he would start on 14 November and have us finished-up before Christmas, and he was true to his word. His guys finished the final tile work Friday, befor Christmas. I would challenge any other contractor to complete on time like he did.
So, sorry folks, that this was so long, but I just wanted to let any consumer needing any home repair or a new build that you would be crazy to not let this family handle any of your needs.

PS. And Mrs. Taylor, in the office, thank-you for being the gracious Southern lady you are, answering my questions and sending me paperwork for the mortgage company that they needed. I didn't think I needed to know what a W-9 was but thanks for your help, too. You have a hard-working husband and raised a wonderful son you both should be proud of!

Most Sincerely,

Donnie Ackerman


You will LOVE the attention to details, hard work and professionalism provided by Mitch and his team!!

Christine Lachcik-Tatum


Thanks so much for all your help in getting our tile installed. Your guys did a great job from installation to clean up.  It looks beautiful!

I will be sure to keep your number for future needs.

Thanks again, 

Stephanie Eason